Vegan In-N-Out Style Animal Fries


We’ll be honest: we’ve never had In-N-Out’s Animal Fries. But we imagine if we had, we would think these taste pretty dang similar. Animal fries without the animals!

You might be wondering, what are animal fries?

Start with crispy shoestring fries. Top them with melty cheese, then caramelized onions, and finally thousand island dressing.

Sounds weird, right? We agree. But no one says weird can’t mean delicious!


This combo works. It just does.

The melty cheese is made from:

Vegan butter


Rice milk (this is our go-to brand)

Vegan cheese

and the caramelized onions:


Veggie broth

Brown sugar

and the homemade thousand island:

Vegenaise (did you know you can order it online? check it out here!)





Garlic and Onion

These are a perfect way to impress your friends and family. You don’t need to leave the house to have these loaded fries!


In-N-Out Style Animal Fries

Animal friendly animal fries!
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Total Time 45 mins
Course Appetizer, dinner


  • 1 bag shoestring fries (or your favorite fries!)

Melty Cheese

  • 2 tbsp vegan margarine
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1 cup unsweetened, nondairy milk we prefer rice milk for of its neutral & unsweetened flavor
  • 1/2 cup vegan cheese cheddar or american

Carmelized Onions

  • 1 medium-sized onion
  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar

Thousand Island

  • 1/2 cup vegenaise
  • 2 tbsp ketchup
  • 2 tbsp sweet pickle relish
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp minced garlic
  • 2 tsp minced onion


  • Bake the fries according to instructions on bag.

Make the Onions

  • Thinly slice the onions.
  • Place in a frying pan with the broth & brown sugar.
  • Mix together and bring to a boil.
  • Bring to a simmer & continue to cook, covered until all liquid has evaporated (about 30 mins).

Make the Thousand Island

  • Mix all of the thousand island ingredients together to make a sauce.

Make the Melty Cheese

  • Melt the margarine in a saucepan & mix in the flour to form a roux.
  • Slowly add the milk while continuously whisking.
  • Bring to a boil and allow to thicken.
  • Add the cheese and mix until creamy.

Assemble the Fries

  • Pour the cheese over the fries and top with the onions & thousand island!

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    • Jessy
    • February 12, 2020

    5 stars
    Best recipe ever! I was so happy to find this when I went vegan because in n out fries were LIFE and now I have an alternative 🙂

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